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Talk on E-Publishing

Spoke last night to a very friendly audience on e-publishing from scanning print copy to the use of social media sites. Friends of the University Library (Boulder) hosted and asked many good questions.

Huffington Post Article

Those interested in the craft of writing might find "Fact From Fiction" helpful. It appears in the Huffington Post publication for 3 April 2012 under the banner "HuffPost Books: The Blog," and offers a look at the use of actual court documents as a foundation for character and plot in the Edgar-winning novel, "The Alvarez Journal."

Longmont Library Bookfest

If you're in the area, drop by the Longmont (Colorado) Library Book festival to be held Friday, 13 April 2012, 1 to 5 p.m. I'll be there along with a number of other regional writers to celebrate books, talk with readers, and--merely by coincidence--even have a few autographed titles for sale. Please join us: 409 4th Avenue, Longmont, CO.

E-Books Recently Published

Mysterious Press/Open Road has recently brought out fifteen titles from my backlist, available from Mysterious as well as from most major e-publishers. The titles include the entire "Gabe Wager" series (The Alvaez Journal, The Farnsworth Score, Speak for the Dead, Angle of Attack, The Avenging Angel, Strip Search, Ground Money, Killing Zone, Engandered Species, Blood Line, and The Leaning Land). Also included are the "Devlin Kirk"
books: Suicide Season, Parts Unknown, and Body Guard. Plus, When Reason Sleeps, published under the name "Tom Sehler." Please visit <> homepage, or any of the individual titles.

Constable Leonard Smith

The latest short story featuring Constable Leonard Smith of the Kimberley, West Australia Police,"Constable Smith and the Lost Dreamtime," will appear in the October 2012 issue of "Alfred Hitchcock Mystery Magazine." It should be available to subscribers and on stands in August.  


Just returned from participating in the "Mystery Writers of America University" event in San Francisco, and am very impressed with both the participating speakers and the attendees. A full day of talks and exercises on writing generated a lot of discussion and good questions. The focus was on the craft of writing rather than sales, and, like the audience, I learned a great deal from my fellow speakers.

Plans are being made for a day in the Denver area next year, and I heartily recommend the function to anyone who is interested in writing, whether it be the mystery genre or other forms of fiction. The MWA home page will have information about this and other venues for the "MWA-U."

"Dark Horizons"

The fifth Constable Leonard Smith short story--"Dark Horizons"--is due in the June "Alfred Hitchcock Mystery Magazine," on shelves in late April.


The last year has been a tough one; may the coming year be better. "Dark Horizons," the next Leonard Smith story, has been submitted to "Alfred Hitchcock Mystery Magazine," with hopes of acceptance in the near future; and "Frog Tales," two volumes of aphoristic fables are now available through Please download a sample story by entering "Rex Burns" on their search panel. Meanwhile, longer manuscripts are with my agent and looking for a home--a novel of the Civil War homefront "Into Enemy Arms," a wry yarn of revolution in Latin America, "The Better Part of Valour," and two (count them: two) novels in the new "Touchstone Series": "Body Slam" and "VLCC." Whether they see print (or eprint or audible or . . . ) is problematic as always, given the vicissitudes of publishing, but hope is eternally springing.

"Constable Smith and the Bone Pointer"

"Constable Smith and the Bone Pointer" will be appearing in the October issue of  the "Alfred Hitchcock Mystery Magazine" for October '09--it goes on sale July 28 and will be available on the stands throughout August.

I will be a guest on the INDenver on-line newspaper on 17 July 09, 2 pm MDT to talk about writing in general and mystery writing in particular. You are welcome to join in:

A new Leonard Smith yarn

Forthcoming in Alfred Hitchcock Mystery Magazine later this year is a new Leonard Smith story, "Constable Smith and the Bone Pointer." Trying to unravel the circumstances surrounding a mysterious death in the bush, Smith is confronted by "a man of high degree" whose shamanistic magic challenges Smith's logic.